TCHC is Committed to Ending Homelessness in our Community

Recent News:

CoC Public Posting of the FY2019 Consolidated Application

Continuum of Care are required to post on their website, at least 2 days before the application submission deadline, all parts of the CoC Consolidated Application, including the CoC Application with attachments and the CoC Priority Listing with all project applications accepted and ranked, or rejected, and notify community members and key stakeholders that the CoC Consolidation Application is available.

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SCICH State of Homelessness Report

The purpose of the​ SCICH State of Homelessness Report is to provide a comprehensive overview of statewide and local homelessness data as reported by the state’s four Continuums of Care and the South Carolina Department of Education. This report was designed to compile and communicate statewide information about homelessness in South Carolina. However, the report also presents more localized data

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FY2019 TCHC Policies and Guidelines for Renewal and New Grant Applications, Including Reallocated Project Funding

The HUD Collaborative Applicant & Grant Applications Selection
Committee must use a point-based evaluation form to score and rank NOFA grant applications. Attached,
as Appendix A, are the current forms, one for new grants and one for renewal Grants. The HUD
Collaborative Applicant & Grant Applications Selection Committee may recommend changes to this form,
from year to year depending on HUD’s priorities announced in the NOFA, which the Board of Directors
must approve.

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FY 2019 NOFA: What’s New

This document supplements the FY 2019 CoC Program Competition NOFA. It identifies high-level changes and new information for CoCs and applicants that are critical for communities as they consider the next steps of the local competition process and for the successful submission of the CoC Consolidated Application.

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