About TCHC

What is a CoC?

A Continuum of Care (CoC) is a regional or local planning body that coordinates housing and services funding for homeless families and individuals.

According to HUD, a CoC is “a community plan to organize and deliver housing and services to meet the specific needs of people who are homeless as they move to stable housing and maximize self-sufficiency. It includes action steps to end homelessness and prevent a return to homelessness.” HUD identifies four necessary parts of a continuum:

  • Outreach, intake, and assessment in order to identify service and housing needs and provide a link to the appropriate level of both;
  • Emergency shelter to provide an immediate and safe alternative to sleeping on the streets, especially for homeless families with children;
  • Transitional housing with supportive services to allow for the development of skills that will be needed once permanently housed; and
  • Permanent and permanent supportive housing to provide individuals and families with an affordable place to live with services if needed.

What is TCHC?

Total Care for the Homeless Coalition (TCHC) is the Continuum of Care (CoC) that serves the 13 counties making up the North East portion of South Carolina.

TCHC Members

  • Any Length Recovery
  • City of Sumter
  • City of Myrtle Beach
  • Eastern Carolina Housing Organization
  • Food for the Soul
  • Holistic Resource Crisis
  • Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach
  • House of Hope
  • Kershaw County Housing Authority
  • Lighthouse Ministries
  • Mary’s Angels Independent Living
  • New Directions of Horry County
  • Naomi Project
  • Pee Dee Coalition
  • Pee Dee Community Action Agency
  • Sea Haven
  • Sumter United Ministries
  • United Way of Horry County

Want to become a member of the Total Care for the Homeless Continuum of Care?

CoC Membership includes:

  • Notification of Funding Availability from Federal, State, and Local funders
  • Ability to participate and apply for HUD CoC funding
  • Training & Workshops
  • Information Sharing and Collaboration