HMIS Lead Standards Now Available

HMIS Lead Standards Now Available

The HMIS Lead Standards, the latest and final tool released as part of the HMIS Lead Series, is now available on the HUD Exchange. The HMIS Lead is required to perform certain duties related to the management and operation of the CoC’s designated HMIS software, as assigned in the CoC Governance Charter, and per any agreements between the HMIS Lead agency, the CoC, the CoC’s designee (such as the Collaborative Applicant or CoC subcommittee), or HUD (such as a grant agreement for an HMIS dedicated grant).

This new resource recognizes that HMIS governance, management, and operational structures vary between CoCs. The document articulates the broad spectrum of activities any entity that is designated or assumes responsibility for HMIS may be responsible for and sets forth standards for completing those responsibilities.

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