New Interactive CDBG-DR Guidebook on Understanding the Consolidated Notice is Now Available

New Interactive CDBG-DR Guidebook on Understanding the Consolidated Notice is Now Available

The Understanding the Consolidated Notice: A Guide on How Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) Grantees Can Meet the Requirements interactive guidebook is designed to educate recipients of CDBG-DR grant funds on how to meet your grant’s requirements throughout each of the phases of the grant process:

  • Pre-award grantee submissions
  • Grantee steps and timelines
  • Action plan development
  • Submittal
  • Implementation

This guidebook does not establish any new requirements, but rather provides important details about the requirements in the CDBG-DR Consolidated Notice, which describes the processes, procedures, timelines, waivers, and alternative requirements that HUD has established for CDBG-DR grants and are published in the Federal Register at 87 FR 6364 and 87 FR 31636.

The guidebook is full of helpful tips, easy navigation features, and links to videos and additional resources. Current and future recipients of CDBG-DR funds will want to bookmark and frequently reference this resource to ensure your staff know how to apply the CDBG-DR requirements when designing and implementing disaster recovery initiatives. Check out the guidebook today to improve your compliance with the grant requirements described in the CDBG-DR Consolidated Notice.

View the CDBG-DR Consolidated Notice Guidebook

printable PDF version of the CDBG-DR Consolidated Notice Guidebook is also available for download and viewing offline. For more information, please contact your Grant Manager or Community Planning and Development (CPD) Representative.

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