Register Today: HMIS Data Analytics On-Demand Course: Cohort Four – Starting April 18, 2022

Register Today: HMIS Data Analytics On-Demand Course: Cohort Four – Starting April 18, 2022

Registration is now open for the fourth cohort of the HMIS Data Analytics On-Demand Course. The goal of this immersive course is to provide a conceptual and practical framework for ad hoc reporting utilizing HMIS data. This self-paced course is open to anyone in your community who is interested in analyzing, interpreting, and communicating HMIS data. This is an introductory level course and might be a good fit for newer members of your HMIS team or someone looking to brush up on their data skills. Participants are not expected to have high-level technical or statistical skills; only basic knowledge of the following is needed:

  • HMIS data standards
  • How to pull an HMIS comma-separated value (CSV) file set (unless the participant has access to someone who can pull HMIS reports for them)
  • How to enter data into Excel and navigate within it

The data analytics course will equip participants with the skills to create a data brief highlighting trends to engage communities to drive insights into action. A combination of content, hands-on skill-building, and recommended resources are provided to help a basic data user build skills and knowledge necessary to be an advanced data professional while providing opportunities for ongoing professional development and learning.

Participants will have eight weeks to complete six course modules at their own pace. Course participants will also receive a certificate upon completion of all six modules.


The fourth offering of the HMIS Data Analytics On-Demand Course will be held from April 18 – June 10, 2022.

Please Note: Registration is limited to 250 individuals and will automatically close once the course is at capacity. When registering, please use the code 2022APRILHMIS.

Register for Cohort Four

For more information, please visit the course syllabus and the HMIS Data Analytics On-Demand Course page.


For any questions regarding the HMIS Data Analytics On-Demand Course, please contact [email protected].

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