Updated HOME-ARP Allocation Plan Template and Tip Sheet

Updated HOME-ARP Allocation Plan Template and Tip Sheet

An updated version of the HOME Investment Partnerships American Rescue Plan (HOME-ARP) Allocation Plan Template is now available, along with a new Tip Sheet to provide clarified guidance for using the template.

The updated template provides additional guidance for HOME-ARP Program Participating Jurisdictions (PJs) and does not impose any new requirements. This optional form may be used by PJs to submit their HOME-ARP allocation plans. PJs may opt to use this template or to submit their allocation plans in a different format, provided that all required elements in Notice CPD-21-10 are addressed. HOME-ARP allocation plans must be submitted as a substantial to amendment to the FY 2021 annual action plan in the eCon Planning Suite for review by the local HUD CPD Field Office.

View the Allocation Plan Template and Tip Sheet


HUD and TA Provider staff are available to answer your HOME-ARP questions:

  • Ask A Question (AAQ) Portal– be sure to select the appropriate topic on Step 2 of the form:
    • HOME-ARP Allocation Plans for questions about completing allocation plans
    • eCon Planning Suite for questions about submitting allocation plans
    • IDIS for questions related to IDIS technical issues
  • Contact the HOME-ARP Team for other HOME-ARP policy or program implementation questions


Stay Up To Date on HOME-ARP

HOME-ARP resources, tools, and training will continue to be posted on the HUD Exchange as they become available.